Live Events

Friday 12 April 2024

Doors 18.30 Show 19.30

Tickets £12

Band on the Edge

Band on the Edge was formed in 2013 by a group of keen musicians with different backgrounds.


Like most jazz groups, they started out with jazz standards but were keen to explore many other styles.


The repertoire now includes early ragtime and hot jazz numbers from the twenties, ballads and show songs, 30s and 40s swing, Afro jazz, Latin and some Jazz rock styles from the 60s.


Band on the Edge features saxophone, trumpet, harmonica, guitar, keyboard, bass, drums and vocals.

Saturday 13 April 2024

Doors 18.30 Show 19.30

Tickets £14

Select Society Theatre Company presents

Divorced, Beheaded, Died: An Audience with King Henry VIII

The year is 1544 and King Henry, the Eighth of that name, is engaged upon Royal Progress about his Realm; and has halted here to afford his Loyal Subjects the opportunity to have ‘audience’ with their Sovereign Lord and King.


The King, recently married to his new, and sixth, wife, Queen Catherine Parr, is in poor health; his leg continues to cause him considerable pain and he is often in a poor humour!


In the course of the ‘audience’, His Majesty will recount the events of his long reign; telling of his wives and his children, and His Majesty will invite his Loyal Subjects to Petition him or question him on ANY related subject : there may be some surprising answers – a lively Q&A is assured!

Friday 3 May 2024

Doors 19.00 Show 19.30

Tickets £12

John Douglas

(Trashcan Sinatras)

Hailing from Irvine on Scotland’s west coast, John has a rich history, making music with Trashcan Sinatras for over thirty years. Apart from his role as a songwriter (and guitarist) there, John has been playing live gigs across the UK and Ireland as part of his partner Eddi Reader’s band.


For fans of: Trashcan Sinatras, Billy Bragg, Prefab Sprout, Wrest, Beerjacket, Withered Hand, Red House Painters, Mark Kozelek


The album ‘John Douglas’ features new recordings of some of John’s favourite Traschcan Sinatras material, alongside new songs he has written and his own rendition of the Prefab Sprout classic ‘We Let The Stars Go’. The eleven songs on this record were performed solo, recorded live at Kyoti Studio in Glasgow (with no overdubs) by producer Mark Freegard, who also mixed and mastered the album.


John Douglas explains, “I’ve often been encouraged by friends over the years to make a solo album, but the timing or inclination didn’t flow. Last year – out of nowhere – everything suddenly felt right and the process was quick and natural. Mark just set the mics up and I played my songs. No other musicians or overdubs. Me and my guitar. That way, I became the songs and they became me. The finished record, though varied in song styles, has a mood to it… it’s warm, thoughtful and quiet.. as I generally aspire to be.

Saturday 4 May 2024

Doors 18.30 Show 19.30

Tickets £16

Little Wander presents... Ria Lina


In the aftermath of a global pandemic, comedian and scientist, Ria Lina has had a Riawakening and sees the world differently. In this, her highly anticipated debut tour, Ria tackles the issues of coming out of a global pandemic, the new normal, divorce, dating in a new digital world, motherhood and what it really means to be a woman today.


Fearless, provocative, and very funny, Ria Lina is the only Filipina comedian in British stand-up and a hugely admired talent in the comedy industry.


Her extensive list of credits includes Live At The Apollo, Have I Got News For You?, Mock the Week, Lovestruck High, Richard Hammond’s Brain Reaction, Richard Osman’s House of Games, The Last Leg and Celebrity Mastermind.


“I guarantee you will laugh a lot” ★★★★ THE SCOTSMAN


Age guidance: 16+


Latecomers can only be admitted during the interval


Duration: approx 40 mins, 20 min interval, 55 minutes


Photo credit: Arabella Itani


Saturday 11 May 2024

Doors 18.30 Show 19.30

Tickets £15


New Album Tour

Dan Willson is Scotland’s acclaimed singer songwriter Withered Hand. He has released three albums and a number of EPs over the last 15 years and has toured internationally, amassing a devoted following while staying close to his DIY roots in the underground music scene.


Kathryn Williams is a Mercury Music prize nominated English singer songwriter who has released 16 albums. She has collaborated with poet Dame Carol Ann Duffy, author Laura Barnett, and written songs with Paul Weller, Neill Maccoll and Michele and Romeo Stodart, to name just a few. She has written a novel The Ormering Tide, hosts her own podcast Before the Light Goes Out and tutors at the Arvon and Moniack Mhor Foundations.


A friendship developed alongside the writing of the album. Before the time came to record the album, Dan wrote his first solo album in ten years released early 2023 on Reveal Records. Dan says that the writing and the friendship with Kath rejuvenated his own song writing process enough to be able to do this. Dan says of the collaborative process “We talk and spend time together and then its
almost like the next time we sit down to write, it’s like a synthesis of late-night kitchen conversations become distilled into the songs. It’s hard to separate whose done what and where the songs sprang from.” Kath says “yeah…what he said.”

Thursday 1 August 2024

Doors 18.30 Show 19.30

Tickets £14

Don't Go Into The Cellar! Theatre Company presents

What Ho, Wodehouse

Award-winning actor and writer Jonathan Goodwin performs in a brand new comedy, adapted from some of the early writings of P.G. Wodehouse.


This is a light-hearted romp guaranteed to lift the spirits and make one forget about one’s cares and worries. Join affable raconteur Everard “Stinky” Crumpleton-Psmith as he regales you with tales of fellow Club members’ scrapes with irritable secretaries, formidable aunts and bumbling butlers galore!

Friday 4 October 2024

Doors 18.30 Show 19.30

Tickets £14

Worcester Theatres Charitable Trust presents

Diary of a Badminton Player

Colin Cosgrove is a busy man. He’s running badminton training sessions, his supply teaching job is going ‘great guns’ and his food delivery work keeps him busy on a Saturday night. But then it all starts to go a little bit wrong. Is he losing his mojo? Can he get it back? Can he maintain his status as a top badminton celebrity in Worcester?


Diary of a Badminton Player is a show about the difficulties of ageing and finding things to do all while trying to remain a local hero. Enjoy this hilarious sequence of shenanigans and take one of Colin’s badminton lessons, learn to draw and maybe even offer him large sums of money! Will things continue to go downhill, or is there hope for him and all of us as we write the next chapter in our lives?


Find out more and learn some pro sporting moves along the way!


Suitable for all ages and players of all racket sports.

Saturday 12 October 2024

Doors 18.30 Show 19.30

Tickets £15


The Life Story and Songs of Edith Piaf

Award winning musical theatre actress Sally Jones pays a loving homage to EDITH PIAF with her critically acclaimed one woman show. She takes the audience through a roller-coaster of emotions, telling Piaf’s wild, tragic and dramatic life story – at times amusing, at times moving but at no time attempting an impersonation. A sentimental yet inspirational tale of a legend who will never be forgotten.


This stunning performance contains a beautifully crafted narration, telling the fascinating story of the iconic French singer EDITH PIAF. Not a typical tribute show, it is a perfect blend of wonderful stories, interesting facts, charming humour, moving moments and passionately performed Piaf classics including La Vie En Rose, Milord, Mon Dieu, Hymne a l’Amour and Non Je Ne Regrette Rien.


An evening not to be missed.